You Сan Get Rich Right Now if You Have One of These 8 Things

You Сan Get Rich Right Now if You Have One of These 8 Things

Who among us never dreamed of getting rich quick? Turns out sometimes you just need to do some spring cleaning. Thanks to the development of online auctions and social networks, you can sell everyday items every day at very high prices.

We offer some of the most impressive examples.

How to get rich right now in a matter of days

8. Season food

Gourmets and collectors often pay a lot of money for a limited series of products or simply for commemorative items, such as vintage cereal boxes or the Szechuan sauce, whose interest caught the attention of social networks.

In the photo you can see the energy drinks from the limited collection of Michael Jordan, which the seller estimated at $16,999.

7. First editions of rare books

The first edition of JK Rowling’s legendary Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in 500 copies and with an incorrect printing of the writer’s name.

Today it is a rare edition: it was auctioned for £43,500.

6. Exclusive cell phones

If you have been a fan of technical innovations, you probably have two unnecessary cell phones. For example, the first generation of bulky iPhones or mobile phones from the 1980s and 1990s are offered for sale for several thousand dollars.

In that case, the looks and efficiency of the phone are appreciated. For example, 2 unzipped iPhone 2Gs are on sale for $12,999.

5. Old game controllers

Today, the first entertainment of the digital age can be sold for good money. Obviously, they have to work properly, and it is better that they have never been used.

The most popular are tamagotchi (up to $2,000), portable game boy (up to $6,500), and of course the star of the auction: Nintendo NES with cartridges.

4. Weird toys

Already a fan of Lego? Therefore, it is worth investigating to see if you have something unique. In fact, you should also look for your interactive Furby toys (up to $1,000) and only Soft Blue Peanut Elephants.

As for Lego, the prototype of Darth Vader sold for almost $9,999. Kinder Surprise toys aren’t hot auction items right now, but who knows?

3. Traditional collectibles

The word “collection” is often associated with coins, stamps, or cards. In this case, the value of a specific item is determined by its appearance and the number of copies preserved.

For example, one of the most valuable cards is Pikachu Illustrator. There are only 6 of them in the world, and the price of one reaches $150,000. As for coins, there are dozens of resources that help you find the value of a particular coin.

2. Very rare vinyl

Sometimes the lid is more important than what’s inside. For example, a copy of the Beatles’ album Yesterday and Today with an outrageous cover is considered rare.

They were represented with white butcher coats with headless dolls and pieces of raw meat, that’s why it was called “The Butcher’s Top”. The perfect vinyl with this cover sold at auction for $125,000.

1. Rare coins

You Can Get Rich Right Now If You Have One Of These 8 Things

The 2 euro coin dedicated to Grace Kelly was put into circulation in 2007 and costs between 600 and 1,000 euros. Only 20,000 of them were made.

An Italian penny was launched in Italy 15 years ago and costs around 6,000 euros. Why? The coins, issued in 2002, have the same design as the 2 cent coins.

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