6 Habits That Can Turn Anyone Into Someone With Bad Luck

6 Habits That Can Turn Anyone Into Someone With Bad Luck

It seems that luck always favors some people and leaves others in the dark. Do you think it’s all about fate? Scientists disagree: psychologists and mathematicians can identify a clear pattern between human behavior and the success they can achieve.

We always try to be the lucky ones, so we study the things that an unlucky person always does.

they seldom fail

6 habits that can make anyone unlucky
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As paradoxical as it may seem, the one who makes the fewest mistakes stops fighting for success at some point. scientists in the University of Arizona have determined The ideal failure rate is 15%.

An experiment with mathematical models helped them with that. They tried to teach artificial intelligence to classify materials. If the task was 85% successful, the process was faster.

When the machine gave the correct answers more than 85% of the time, the task was rated as too easy and searching for new information and alternative paths to a solution seemed pointless.

The same applies to people: frequent successes make them more relaxed. Therefore, you can easily afford to fail 15% of the time at what you are doing.

They always try to be a good person

6 habits that can make anyone unlucky
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Being always nice or trying to please everyone is not the path to success. While some people try to politely convey their opinion and make concessions, others continue to defend their positions firmly.

And, in fact, they are the last to succeed more often. So don’t be afraid of harsh criticism and don’t give up after hearing negative comments.

Being rebellious and stubborn guarantees good luck. So say scientists from Luxembourg, who reached their conclusions after 40 years of observations. Also, those who started showing these characteristics in childhood were able to do the best and have the most success.

Naughty children grow into adults willing to talk directly and frankly about their interests. They aren’t shy about calling someone they care about first or talking to their bosses about deserving a raise.

They believe in universal injustice, but only for themselves

6 habits that can make anyone unlucky

A depressed person may talk endlessly about their problems. If someone else talks to them about their life in conversation, they will instantly learn that their problems mean nothing.

This kind of reverse egocentrism, a desire to draw attention to themselves and belittle other people’s difficulties, alienates other people. The same lame ducks make their bad luck worse by wasting time offended by life.

They skip breakfast and have the wrong drinks

6 habits that can make anyone unlucky
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Experts have discovered that the most productive day is spent by those who can do important things in the morning and stay focused for a long time. This is not difficult to do. For example, do not reject breakfast. The first meal will give you energy and improve your short-term memory.

Here’s another tip from scientists: Drink a glass of water with lemon juice instead of breakfast 30 minutes before breakfast. Just squeeze a small piece of lemon into the water. Citrus provides a vitamin boost to help you focus on results throughout the day.

They underestimate the value of emotions

6 habits that can make anyone unlucky
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Low emotional intelligence can lead to failure, both at work and in personal life. Those who cannot read the feelings of others deprive themselves of the opportunity to engage and respond quickly to changes.

Emotional intelligence is believed to be developed by reading books, studying painting, and watching good movies.

Pay special attention to loving yourself. A recent study showed that a “healthy” dose of narcissism helps people succeed. People with these traits sincerely want to be the best and believe they deserve recognition; This makes those around them also begin to share this opinion.

They just want to develop in one direction

6 habits that can make anyone unlucky

We all have skills and resources that we are proud of. But focusing on just one thing is wrong. American scientists have studied the relationship between a person’s qualities and his achievements, using 10,000 military academy cadets as an example.

They came to the following conclusion: success requires a strong character, a desire to acquire knowledge, and an effort for physical development.

British psychologists have come up with their own list of traits that can help you succeed and achieve great things. It has 6 points: Awareness, Adequacy, Acceptance of Ambiguity, Curiosity, Risk Approach, and Competitiveness.

It may be the right time to kiss your loved one if they are close to you. Do you have secrets to success? What habits would you call “successful”?

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