5 Reasons Why Sleeping Separately Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

It turned out that 1 in 4 couples choose to sleep in separate beds, one poll shows While the subject is still considered taboo to admit or even talk about, the benefits can be significant. Even the most loving couple may feel the need to spend nights apart if their sleep patterns are different.

This should not be seen as a problem because the relationship is “on the rocks”, but rather as a means of improving the quality of your sleep. We have done some research and want to present some of the benefits that couples who sleep apart can get.

Could sleeping in separate beds improve your relationship?

Your sleep will not be interrupted

5 Reasons Why Sleeping Separately Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Lack of sleep is not something to play around with, as it can cause heart problems, depression, and even diabetes. And if you don’t sleep well in the same bed with your partner, you need to change that.

Women are more sensitive to the noise around them, so if your partner snores, he’s likely to wake up in the middle of the night.

Studies I have also found that sleeping with your partner can increase the amount spent in REM. This is the stage when your brain function has increased and your sleep is at its lightest.

This means that sleeping separately will shorten your REM duration and keep you free from other distractions.

You wake up happy and rejuvenated

5 Reasons Why Sleeping Separately Can Strengthen Your Relationship

This is the result of sleeping peacefully. They both wake up energized and feel like they can approach their respective lives with more focus and control. They are also healthier mentally and physically, and do not resent each other over sleep interruptions.

That way, your entire relationship is happier as you wake up refreshed and without anger.

You appreciate your partner more

5 Reasons Why Sleeping Separately Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Physical intimacy is not something you take for granted, as you cannot turn around and hug your partner. You really miss their touch and think more about how to get close to them and spend intimate time together.

This means that this aspect of your life together is not becoming a habit, but rather a very exciting surprise that keeps you both very engaged.

Arguments and fights could subside

5 Reasons Why Sleeping Separately Can Strengthen Your Relationship

When 2 people sleep poorly, their frustration tolerance is significantly lowered and they attack their partner. Also, lack of sleep makes people feel less empathy for other people’s emotions, which is vital in a relationship.

Not only that, but lack of sleep can start more fights between a couple, even over the smallest thing. On the contrary, when both partners sleep well, they can better handle small problems and solve them effectively.

You can enjoy “your time” more.

5 Reasons Why Sleeping Separately Can Strengthen Your Relationship

A much-needed break will help both of you recharge your batteries and build a relationship with yourselves. You can read a book, watch your favorite show, or do some meditation before bed.

You can also use this time to communicate with your friends and focus on them a bit. All this space will give you more to talk about with your partner about your experiences apart.

Do you and your partner sleep separately and, if so, in different beds in the same room or in completely different rooms? If you still sleep together, would you consider sleeping apart?

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